pre-MOS today, not really fun. and hey! my absent is 14, love that. but i dont know it for forever ( i mean along 1 year ) or it'll change. me and oliv wasnt in a same class, hell. ohmy i miss those guys so much. i just put the phone. i just make call with my closest friend, dhea *happy dhe?* we talked so much, i told everythng to her and i miss the way that we 'kata2an' and 'tampol2an' hm. i miss the way that i called her -temen geblek gw yg paling jenius- then she act like she angry then she always said "oon lu" or "heh kurangajar". miss you so dheaaa. and i miss ody too. she's my freakiest frnd and my clse frnd too. hm she's... weird but cute *????*. i dont even understand what i said. if i stnd next to ody, i alwys laughed and laughed because she's soo funny and 'geje'. she has a lot ideas of names-to change my name- like burdims, cad, sur, burung, and many moree. me too actually. love to change her name. and we've planed to watch hp 6 together, next fridayafter school but then dhea told me that she wont come coz she must go to lembang on friday saturday sunday. bo-ring. ----bolos aja dheee----

dhea : temen geblek gw yg paling jenius
ody : my freaky yg paling ale
oliv : jenius yang paling geblek

i didnt mean to not-polite or something. it just jokes or kidding or something. dont know

hmm i dont know what i've wrote. noo, my english was sooooo bad. sorry guys. just tried to make it more dramatic~~

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