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Hey all. Well, it's been looong time since my last post. I've back from my holiday.finally. Not a really interested holiday but yah, I'm happy there but I miss home and friends actually. There are many stories that I want to tell. But I'm lazy too write it hehe. Maybe at next post I'll write bout my little sister and brother. Not siblings actually, so wait ya hehe. Oh ya, this Friday clst and their moms will come to my house insyaallah. There's a "arisan ibu2" yes we can say that. I know it'll be fun with a lot of my funny friends

this day was not good. I'm just stayed at my room and read my new interesting book, the secrets of immortal Nicholas Flamel : the magician. by the wayy I want the third one of that ; the sorceress. But the problem is, that book isn't translate to Indonesia yet maybee because i didn't find that book at gramedia so the writer wasn't finished it yet. Hm back to the topic. This day was sooo boring and my mood wasn't good. It was because some people. I'm listening to the taylor swift's song now. Great. My speedy was turned off by my mom. Hell. So i 'played' internet by iPhone. Oh yaa I want to download messenger for my iPhone, it's free, but I must make acc and to make the acc, I must fill the code of credit card. I've tried to borrow my moms card but she won't! I also want to download some games for iPhone like csi, cooking mama, transformers, and others! Buuutt, my mom didn't let me to buy that. What a 'nice' mom. Hell --- o

secondhand serenade will come to Indonesia! Ah finallyy. I read on his myspace. So guys if you know where to buy ticket, contact me key?? Just send a comment or wall or at msn or anothers just contact me ya. Oh I reallyyy wantt to see his concert. My parents've let me watch that, thanks god. if you guys want to watch it with me *HAHAHA* contact me k?

Long post right?

Hey bye and missyouguys!

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