new layout!

finally, i changed my layout hm the colour and font exactly. it just a simple layout, without pictures and others hehe. i changed the colour coz the old one was so 'rainbow' haha. i thought this new colour more see-able. hhh what the sick with my grammar lalala. so, which one better, the new one or the old one? i vote for the new one hehe

oh hmm i wear glasses now, so sick because my eyes isnt normal anymore. the left one and the right was minus 1, sick hah? ohya now i love to say 'sick' hahaha and i dont know why, maybe coz it sounds cool, and sick lol. its annoying, you know. then it makes me looked weird.

this day wasnt good. not like friday and saturday. at friday i was so much laughed. maybe at next post i'll tell bout friday and saturday. now i have clean my room up hehehe, i havent clean it since yesterday haha. lazyyy

andd i want to buy new album of demi lovato, but it isnt available at indonesia yet huhu
so bye everyoneee

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