halohai apakabar

eh apakabar baik2 saja berapa umurnya 3 taun
sudah lama tidak posting sudah lama tidak cerita sudah lama tidak bicara lama tak berjumpa yayaya. tadi bicara, td jumpa

things got better these ages, i'm very happy with my situation now. things happened, and it was kinda surprising me. i never thought that i'll happened, but ohmy- whoa i can describe how suprised and happy i am. and i'm busier now, there are sooo many homework and i lil bit hate that. and test too. there are many tests these ages. oh or we call it exercise or whtever. and umm ya, like i told you, things got better this ages. all things. and wowww skandar's birthday is tomorrowwww!!

ive finished read physik, and its amazing, cant wait until the next book or the 4th book be launch so i can buy and read it!! oh and the internet connection on my iphone is free charge agaiiinn!! hm yesterday and 1 week ago i must pay for the internet using, and its expensive you know but, noww its free againn. ah finally. but the little problem is.. the internet connection at my house had a problem, it was very very 'lemot' and cant 'run'. so now i post this by my iphone.

and hmm one more news, and i little bit envy it, hmm MY MOM GOT IPHONE FOR HER BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM HER FRIENDSS!! ohmygodd what a kind friends. now she's using BB Bold and IPHONE and n73 and a telkomflexi phone. err

ill post again with bahasa

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