im doing this when i get bored

i made a looklet account. but it has made since 6 months ago, or 7 or 8 whatever. and if you mind, you can take a look at here.
andd, i want share some of my (foolish) looks hehe

1st look 2nd look

3rd look 4th look

5th look 6th look

so far, my favourite one is the 4th look

by the wayyy, i got some homeworks. they're too much! hm i wish i can be the 1st or 2nd or 3rd or at least, 5th at the class.

and wanna share something, here are my favourite songs of this week

- by female singer :
1. beautiful eyes - taylor swift
2. goodbye - miley cyrus
3. untouchable - taylor swift

- by male singer :
1. like we used to - a rocket to the moon
2. i just laugh - nevershoutnever!
3. gotta find you - joe jonas at camp rock

enough i think, and byeeeeeeeee


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