no doubt, BUT sure for 100%

hey again, its been loong time (always 'long time' eh?) since my lastlast post
i miss this beloved blog honestly. but now i often post sumthin at twitter andd rarely at blogger. maybe its because post at twitter easier than at blog. and i still of blogging, of course. and hmm guess what? i've changed my blog template. is it better or not? but i thing this template is better the older. yaya it depends on my mood key? and i've got my new haircut! even that its been 2 weeks agoo

about the title, i want to share a thing. do you remember my last post? which is at that post, i wrote that i doubt for something. the newbie. remember? but i now im sure for 100%. and im doubt for 0%. get it?

this saturdayy, i'll do a what-a-english-contest. news reading. or news casting. ah whatever. honestly i feel 'wow' for that contest. but, in the other side i really really damn want to dgjslddhdkdnuddbdk. its secret, sorry i cant tell ya. and for this sunday, i must take vocal exam. wish me luck guyss!

one month again dude! one month! err ya i mean, at december 14th i'll get older. oh god i dont want to be older. i still want to be a 13-years-old-girl. its funny and amazing you know? 13. not a child. not yet to be a teen too

and my wish for my birthday is : i hope everyone can pray for me, wish that i can reach my dreams, all my dreams. and wish me that i'll get better days, better life, and be a good person

ohya, maybe i'll post again, with bahasa. i love indonesia. even that i love england too lol
bye for now, see ya and take care


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